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Terminalia arjuna is a tree of the genus Terminalia. It is called as arjuna or arjun tree in English, thella maddi in Telugu, kumbuk in Sinhala, marudha maram in Tamil and neer maruthu in Malayalam.


For the purposes of cardiovascular health pertaining to the heart itself. It has a large variety of bioactives, with the water extract showing promise at improving left ventricle

A Herb per a Week (426 Herbs)


Ponnanganni, Dwarf Copper Leaf, Alternanthera sessilis/Gudri sag

Have immense health benfits for the eyes, hair and skin. It is also a home remedy for piles. The young shoots are nutritious and contain carotenoids, triterpene, saponins, and flavonoids. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Tests conducted in India show that it has anti-ulcerative properties.

Medicinal Herbs

Malai Nannari

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Cools the urinary tract, which effectively alleviates the burning sensation during urination. The herb is also helpful in treating urinary infections and kidney disorders. As an antibacterial, Indian Sarsaparilla treats skin diseases and promotes skin healing.